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Tisja Kljaković Braić

“So here we have another book speaking to Mediterranean marriage, with this same entwined sense of delicacy, humour and light mockery. The book, simply called The Two of Them, by Split painter and cartoonist Tisja Kljaković Braić, consists of ninety (mostly black-and-white) cartoons in which there exist, in principle, but two figures. Namely, The Two of Them: A Wife, a woman of unspecified middle age who is at war with surplus kilograms and the metamorphosis of her own body; and A Man, a guy who is, for much of the book, on the couch in his nether garments (or underpants) watching football …”

In The Strip

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Malachi O’Doherty

“There is no official religion of moon worship that anyone will own up to, but both the Muslim and the Hindu prostrate themselves before her. I have seen a Muslim tie his camel to a palm tree in North Africa and bow to the east, to Mecca, the full moon low in the sky, right in front of him. Further east, when they bow towards Mecca once a month, they face the new moon setting.”

In Trojan Horse

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