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Submissions by established, emergent and new writers are very welcome.

They should be submitted as a Word file through only one email address:

They should not be submitted through the “Riposte” or “Contact” sections of this website.

If a submission to this website is accepted, you will be notified in due course. If you do not hear from us, it has not yet been accepted, though it might be held over for future consideration.

Given the volume of such online submissions, only a firm acceptance will receive a response from the Editors.


Submissions by established, emergent and new writers can be made at any time.

For a variety of reasons, we accept only postal submissions (with stamp, coupons or cash, though no self-addressed envelope is needed).

We strongly advise all potential contributors to visit our website (www. for general information, and/or to familiarize themselves with an actual copy of the journal. It is available at independent booksellers and several chain bookshops throughout Ireland and Great Britain, or can be ordered online at our website, as a single copy or a subscription.

No more than eight poems or two prose pieces should be submitted at one time, or within any six-month period. The editors aim to respond within nine months.

Irish Pages:
A Journal of Contemporary Writing
129 Ormeau Road, Belfast BT7 1SH, Ireland

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